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By Orbital wrapper | 13 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Gypsum boards packing machine by orbital stretch wrapping

Gypsum board is a very practical material for both connstruction and decoration. The raw material of making this boards can be found every where with huge quantity. It has lots of strength, which includes cheap price, heat insulation, easy to cut to different shapes. But the gypsum board also has drawback, that is the boards should avoid water because the gypsum material is easy to have chemical reaction when meeting with water.
So, for the gypsum boards manufacturers, the package of this products should be very high quality. This means the package is fully sealed and closed, which is able to be water proof and dust proof.
orbital gypsum boards bundle wrapping machine
This is an orbital stretch wrapping machine for gypsum boards packaging, large rotating ring allows large bundle of gypsum boards to go through the wrapping station. A conveyorized turntable enables the machine to do both horizontal and vertical stretch wrapping. The products will be wrapped from 6 sides, this can seal the package without any leak. 
For more turnkey solutions of gypsum products packaging, please check our website or contact with us for some suggestions.

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