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By Pallet wrapper | 21 June 2022 | 0 Comments

The pallet stretch wrapping machine is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic models

Pallet stretch wrapping machines are becoming more and more popular in factories, which has also led to some customers who used manual packaging or equipment upgrades to inquire about more automatic stretch wrapping machines. Sometimes it is difficult to select the model as the users are not very familiar with the machine, especially for the distinction between semi-automatic and fully automatic. Next, we will take you to explore and have a deeper understanding of the different models of pallet stretch wrapping machine.

For customers who have used pallet stretch wrapping machines before, it is easier to misunderstand the fully automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines and regard semi-automatic model as the fully automatic model. Semi-automatic model, as the name implies which manual assistance is required for packaging. After we use a forklift to load the goods onto the turntable, we need to manually tie the film to the goods or the pallets, and then click the start button on the control panel, and the equipment will start to run for stretched wrapping. The machine needs to manually cut the stretch film after the wrapping is down. In the past, most customers used this type of stretch wrapping machine, which caused them less interested into new models when they needed to purchase new equipment, and they also bought it in accordance with the old style. In fact, this equipment is outdated, its efficiency is low, and It also needs manual assistance, which cannot really reduce labor, but can only slightly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Let’s look at the automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine again. The automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine means that there is no need to manually apply or break the film. After we place the goods on the turntable, we only need to start the goods by remote control and unload the goods by forklift when the wrapping is finished. Because it is equipped with an automatic film-clamp and break-up device, it eliminates the need for manual film-clamping and break-up operation steps, which can improve packaging efficiency. At present, there are two kinds of automatic film breaking devices. One is purely mechanical, which clamps and cuts the stretch film through the rotary drive of the turntable, and the other uses pneumatic cylinder to clamp and use heating wire to cutoff the film.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines are different in technology and function, which leads to differences in prices between the two. We have to choose the appropriate equipment according to our actual needs. If we have a little understanding of the product, we can easily avoid entering into consumption trap.

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