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What's the best way for packing office partition screen

office partition screens wrap machines
Office partition screens are common material to use when we decorate the offices. It's convenient for building and separating a large space to many different small offices.......The material looks very good and is able to make the rooms brighter and nicer, sound insulation also could be provided as another benefit.
Office screens or office partitions are panels and board made by chipboard, MFC or MDF boards with the internal wooden core. The wood is formed into particleboard from wood chips, then impregnated  with resin. This particleboard is very easy for cutting and to shape, which is the way that most office furniture is made.
shrink wrap machine and stretch wrap machine for office screens
Emanpack provides packing solutions for the office partition screens. Large bundle of the office partitions canbe stacked one over another to form a large package then to be packed by backpacking machine and sealed before into a shrink tunnel for shrinking process. For the single office screens, they are able to use the door panel sealing and shrink wrap machine to make a tight and fully sealed package. This package will be transparent and customers available to see the inner products, which will make them better trust your products and make big orders to you.
Horizontal orbital wrap machine is also a possible for packing office partition screens. Both for single office screens or large package of office partitions, the orbital wrapping machine can handle the wrapping and make tight package all the time.

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