Upender and tilter
90 degree steel coil upender help with the slit coil turnover
The slit coils are the main raw material that we can see in the industry. It's used in variant areas with a huge consumption quantity. For instance, it's the ideal mateiral for making the tins and cans in the food packaging industry. The slit steel coils will be just loaded to the decoiler of the manufacturing machine and to be cut, formed and welded by the machine in a follwing operation. But from the steel material production factory to the end users, there are actually lots of procedures within. And all the steps are crucial to the whole as we are demanded for high quality products with no chips, no defects.

At the steel material production factory, when the steel sheets are produced it will be slitted and rolled into multiple coils with the variant width which may requested by the customer specifically. The coils need to be packaged for resisting the possible damage which could happen during the transportation and also the rust in terms of the exporting to foreign countries and will experience the long time ocean shipping. Except that, some practitioners believe it's safer to turnover the coils to the position of eye to sky. For doing that, the steel coil upender is important for doing this 90 degree turnover process.
Slit coil loaded by coil cart to the decoiler before formingSteel coil loaded by C hook to the coil upender and tilter
For the buyers of the slit coils, the application of changing these raw material to final products needs to use different machines for each process and forming the final products eventually. But loading the slit coils to the decoiler maybe is the first step. For this first step, some large factories may have the coil cart for doing this loading while some small workshops may adopt the C hook to load the coils by hoist. But all these equipments will require the slit coils be in the position of eye parallel to ground. So for achieving that position, the steel coil upender is still needed.

This motor driven model of steel coil upender will need less attention for the machine maintenance compare to the hydraulic models. And it's more efficient than tilting manually with the hand using equipments such as tilting rack, chain.....Most importantly, the turnover motion down by this steel coil upender is safe and reliable. To adapt to the customer actual use, we also can upgrade the machine to a rotating base model. If the coils are loaded and unloaded by forklift, then the forklift driver will only need to do the loading and unloading at the same side. Also, some users may have a long C hook. In that case, we can have cutout on the platform to avoid the collision and hit which happens between the C hook and machine.
Steel coil upender with base rotation     Steel coil upender with C hook loading cutout