Pallet stretch wrapper
How to guarantee the function of returning to initial point of the stretch wrap machine?

Under normal circumstances, the stretch wrap machine will start from the original point and return to the initial point after packaging is finished. However, in actual use, due to the parameter setting and the unbalanced weight of the goods, the equipment will not stop well every time it rotates. At the origin, this situation mainly occurs in equipment used by a single machine. There is no such problem with automatic stretch wrap machines. So how to solve this problem? There are two main solutions:

1. Install brake motor. This problem of semi-automatic stretch wrap machine is mainly because the turntable motor is not the brake motor. Therefore, the equipment will continue to rotate due to inertia during the rotation, so the position of each stop is not accurate enough. If the brake motor is installed, this problem will be solved, and the turntable will stop more accurately.

2. Install the knob and modify the program. This method is relatively simple and cost-saving. You can modify the program to manually reset the device to the original point every time. A reset button can be installed on the device, or the original start button on the device can be shared. After packaging, manually press the reset button manually to reset.

The above are two ways to solve the stretch wrap machine reset to the initial point. If you have other questions about the stretch wrap machine, please call Emanpack team, we will provide you with more detailed solutions.
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