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Copper metal roll coil packing suggestion from Eman team

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Author : wrapping packager
Update time : 2018-02-26 20:59:00
A kind of copper alloy metal roll coil packing machine with nickel as the main alloy, which is also widely used in the market.Three elements such as zinc, manganese and aluminum are added on the basis of nickel alloy to form white copper bar, so it is also called zinc white copper bar, manganese white copper bar and aluminum white copper bar accordingly.
copper roll coil packing machine
Nickel alloy has good corrosion resistance and moderate tensile strength, high plasticity, can be used for cold and hot pressing processing, and has good electrical properties, in addition to used in the production of structural materials, is also an important high resistance and thermocouple alloy.The white copper strip coil wrapping packaging machine mainly has the following five kinds: ordinary white copper strip, iron white copper strip, manganese white copper strip, zinc white copper strip and aluminum white copper strip.
copper metal steel coil wrapper machine
White copper plate belt also has high corrosion resistance, belongs to the medium strength, high plastic change, suitable for hot and cold pressing process, good electrical properties, in addition to the application of structural materials, but also can be used in high resistance and thermocouple alloy.
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