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Full-auto and semi-auto packaging machines for PE/PVC/PEX/HDPE hose pipe coil

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Author : wrapping packager
Update time : 2018-04-06 21:23:00
PE pipes auto horizontal packing machine main features: small bending, easy to install and cut, with strong elasticity, can provide excellent spark used to protect resistance from damage, in line with the standard of fireproof flower, can be used in the scene of automobile assembly plant, and spark projection equipment.
hose pipe coil auto wrapping machine
Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic material formed by the polymerization of ethylene.PVC/HDPE plastic pipe coil reel wrapper packaging machine is produced through the extrusion line of the extruder, the diameter of the pipe is different, ranging from 10mm-63mm.PE tubes can be used in various lengths of coil, the total length can be up to 40 feet large coil.Generally, small diameter hoses are wound into coils, and large diameter pipes are usually produced into straight pipe lengths.The wall thickness of PE tubes also comes in many different sizes.
big hose coil packing machine
PE corrugated tube packing machine in vertical is also a used widely machine model in markets. It has a variety of forms and a variety of colors, can be a single extrusion color, black tube in the majority;There is also a lot of green, and an important advantage of PE pipes is that they have less impact on the environment compared to other materials.
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