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Can the manual wrapper capable for the pallet packaging?

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Update time : 2021-08-10 22:52:16
Stretch wrapping packaging is an important part of the subsequent packaging, which can not only prevent dust and moisture, but also prevent the product from dumping during transportation, greatly to improve the load stability. However, there are still a large number of small and medium-sized factories using manual wrapping ways as there are not many goods that need to be packaged. On the other hand, the price of large pallet stretch wrapping machine is more expensive. Can the hand-held manual wrapper as a relatively affordable tool, solve the problem of manual stretch wrapping packaging?
manual hand-held stretch wrapper
First of all, we need to understand the working principle of the hand-held wrapper. It is different from the manual stretch wrapping by hands. It can not only avoid the health problems caused by manual bending and stretching, but also the loose goods caused by insufficient tightening force. The most important thing about collapse is that it can come out of the film at a uniform speed after pre-stretching. It should be known that the pre-stretching function is not available on general wrapping equipment. The pre-stretching of the stretch film can effectively save it, and it can be matched with the shrinkage characteristics of the stretch film to be more tightly wound on the goods to ensure stability.

But we also need to understand the limitations of hand-held wrapper. When there are a lot of goods that need to be wound, manual wrapping cannot keep up with the speed of shipment, which will cause a lot of manpower to be cost in this simple job; Second, when the goods are stacked high, even with the help of a hand-held wrapper, it's still limited to wrap the top of the cargo; Finally, the pre-stretching of the film that can be carried out by the hand-held wrapper is only about 1:1.25, which is far less than the ratio made by the semi-auto pallet packer machine.

For how to solve the limitations of the hand-held wrapper, you can choose a pallet stretch wrapping machine instead, whether it is a turntable pallet wrapper machine to solve the height problem caused by too high palletizing, an online conveyorized pallet stretch wrapping machine to improve the efficiency of the packaging process, or using a fully automatic pre-stretching pallet wrapping machine to stretch the film 3 times longer and save lots of consumables.

When we purchase a piece of equipment to replace the existing method, we are definitely going to compare the costs of the two choice, but what we cannot ignore is that the cost of labor and consumables which can be fully compensated by machines. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises with large shipments, it is strongly recommended to use professional pallet wrapping equipment for pre-stretch wrapping and packaging.