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Chain type orbital wrapper for stretch wrapping wide door and panels

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Update time : 2021-11-20 00:11:55
Chain type orbital stretch wrapper for wide door and panels
The traditional horizontal stretch wrapping machine is to install the film roll on a ring, and the goods pass in the middle of the ring. When the ring rotates, the film roll is rotated around the goods, so as to realize the stretch film wrapping to the goods. However, the premise of the application of this model is that the goods must be able to pass through the middle of the rotating ring. In terms of the width of door and window products is too large, it is impossible to use the horizontal stretch wrapping machine for packaging the wide door and panel as well as window products.

This new design of the orbital stretch wrapper includes a body 1 that is transparent from the front and back, and the machine it is characterized in that: film driving devices are installed inside the front and rear sides of the body 1; a film frame device 12 is installed longitudinally on the outside of the film driving device; the one side film driving device Including the steering sprocket ⒉ arranged at the four corners of the body 1 on the same side. Motor 5; The film frame device 12 includes a shaft installed through the front and rear ends of the mounting seat, the mounting seat and the membrane drive chain 3 are fixedly connected by a connecting pin, the shaft is covered with a film roll, and the shaft is on the film. 

This horizontal orbital stretch wrapper machine of the present invention is a perfect wide-width door and window stretch wrapper. During the use, the goods are placed in a rectangular ring formed by the film drive chain 3. The two film drive chains 3 rotate under the indirect drive of the motor 5, and the film drive chain 3 drives the film frame device 12 to move along an approximately rectangular track, and the film roll can complete the wrapping and packaging of the goods by the stretch film.

The beneficial effects of this new designed model are: the new design of this horizontal orbital stretch wrapper machine has a simple structure and a novel design, which solves the horizontal stretch wrapping problem of wide products and goods like door, panel and windows, it satisfies the packaging requirements of wide door and window products to reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency and packaging effects, and are suitable for widespread promotion and application.