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Customized coil wrapper packing large bearing ring

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Author : Coil wrapper
Update time : 2022-07-10 18:07:59
In the bearing manufacturing industry, different types of bearings can be divided into small bearings, medium bearings, large bearings, linear bearings, special bearings, and wind turbine bearings according to their different sizes and applicable scenarios. Different bearings have different amounts of application. Small bearings have a wide range of application scenarios, so the amount of use and production is also large. Medium, large and special bearings have less application scope and are generally custom-made, so the output is much less than that of small bearings.

For the packaging of bearings, the packaging methods of different types of bearings are also very different. Due to their large output and small volume, small bearings are generally packaged by ordinary bagging and boxing. For medium, large and special bearings, their output is small, the degree of customization is high, and the size is inconsistent, so that we can only pack them by wrapping packaging in actual production. However, due to the huge gap in size, a single coil wrapping machine cannot fully meet the packaging needs of all bearings, and two or more wrapping machines maybe required.

This includes rings contained in large bearings, wind turbine bearings, and slewing bearings. Generally speaking, the size of the bearing ring body varies greatly, from 700mm-3500mm or even larger, and the weight is relatively heavy. However, the width of the ring body is relatively narrow. How to use one or two machines to wrap and pack both large and small rings? This is a question we have been exploring.

This coil wrapping machine with ring opening upwards may be a viable solution:

The machine has high protective rollers and is easy to adjust in height, can hold both large and small rings at the same time. The load capacity of the machine reaches 3 tons, which can carry the load weight of the heavy ring body. At the same time, the main board of the machine can be adjusted up and down, and the stroke is large, which can adjust the equipment to the best winding position according to different sizes of rings.

If you are also troubled by the problems of too many bearing rings, too large gaps, and less available funds, maybe this ring wrapping machine can help you solve your ring packaging problems.