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How to operate the unmanned pallet baler machine?

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Update time : 2021-06-02 00:10:45
The pallet-piercing balers are relatively more complicated equipment in the balers. The machine is generally not used as a stand-alone machine, but is used in conjunction with an automated production line. It can automatically detect and bind automatically. It is a fully automatic unmanned machine. For such equipment, generally manual operation is not required for such equipment, but every time you turn on the machine or change the packing belt, you still need manual assistance. Below, Emanpack will introduce you to the pallet through sword baling. How to operate the machine.

When the main power switch is turned ON, the main body system is in the standby state, the power light is on, the system is normal, the origin position light is on, and the abnormal indicators are off.
This machine can choose manual operation or automatic bundling operation according to the needs of users. In the manual state, the following functions can be operated:

A. Bow frame forward:
Manually operate the bow frame to move forward, and it will automatically switch when it touches the front limit switch.
Stop. (At this time, the manual bow frame forward operation cannot continue to move)

B. Retreat of the bow frame:
Manually operate the bow frame to retreat, when it touches the rear limit switch, it will automatically
Stop. (At this time, the manual retreat operation cannot continue to move)

C. The host moves forward:
The host can be moved close to the package, but when it is moved to the desktop switch and the front limit of the host, the host cannot be moved forward.

D. Host back:
The host can be moved back to the limit position. (At this time, the host cannot go back continue to move)

E. Belt feeding: the strapping belt can be fed into the bow frame for positioning (after positioning, the belt feeding operation cannot be continued)

F. Withdrawal: The strap can be pulled out of the bow frame.

G. Manual strapping: When the manual strapping button is pressed, a bundling action will be performed (bow frame forward → tape feeding → host machine forward → tightening → adhesion → host and bow frame backward positioning).

The automatic operation sequence is as follows: When the host is at the origin position, it is in the standby state, if the system has a package.
When the signal is transmitted to the strapping machine, it will run automatically. The sequence of actions is:

A. The track advances to a fixed position → B. Automatically feeds the belt to the positioning → C. The host moves forward and is close to the package → D. Unwinds the belt and tightens (strapping action) → E. The host and the track retreat to the rear limit position.