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Pallet rotator with 4400 pound capacity

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Update time : 2021-10-11 12:56:42
This is the Emanpack FZ-PT series, it is a pallet rotator which is a 4400 pound capacity machine that can be used to rotate a pallet 180 degrees. This pallet rotator it has two functions, it has a clamping mechanism that allows you to come in and clamp the pallet and that clamp stroke is adjustable. So depending on the type of pallet and the goods that you're clamping you may want more or less pressure, and it's adjustable and easy to control on the operation panel or remote controller. Once the pallet is clamped in position, the pallet rotator rotates the heavy pallet loads 180 degrees.

The reason why you would need to use a pallet rotator is to exchange the pallets from the shipping wooden pallets to the in-house plastic sanitation pallets. Or sometimes you may use it to exchange pallets that are broken or have broken board or a damaged pallet that many sometimes cannot be shipped. And the other common application that we see is for the damaged products. If you have a damaged box on a pallet and it is the bottom box that was speared by a forklift. In order to get that out you would have to unstack the entire pallet. In this example here we have a broken carton on the bottom of the stack, in order to get that broken carton out. The worker would have to unstack all of these boxes to replace the broken box and then put all those boxes back. But the pallet rotator allows the customer to take the pallet and set it into a pallet rotator which allows us to clamp it and then we can rotate it around 180 degrees with the pallet in this turnover position, then we'll be able to remove this broken carton and replace the fresh one then load it back and turn the load back over right-side up. 

It would take a worker about 20 minutes to unstack all the cartons in order to take out the broken carton and put in a new one and then restock them off with the back-breaking work. The pallet rotator eliminates all of that tiring work. In this application we've got bags of potting soil, if one of these bags were broken or if there was a broken pallet, in order to exchange that bag or exchange that pallet, you'd have to unstack it. The entire load just have to get to the new pallet. Everyting on the broken bag would have to be taken off, and you would have to redo the entire load. But by working with a pallet rotator you can exchange a pallet or exchanged a broken bag quite easily. The first thing of this pallet exchanging procedure is you would need to set the load into the pallet rotator and then you would clamp it to a tight condition. And then you would rotate the heavy pallet load around 180 degrees. The turnover pallets would be very easy to remove the broken bag or the broken pallet and replace it and then wreak lap it and rotate it back around. 

One of the features of the pallet rotator is the clamp mechanism and it's adjustable. There's a knob down here to adjust it and you can have the machine controlled in your hands anywhere of the plant just through the remote controller. If you want the pallet rotator to hold the pallet more rigid while it's rotating, you can control the clamp to have more pressure on the cargo. If you are worried about the pressure may damage your cargo, you can choose to add the sensor to indicate the pressure and stop the clamping once the pressure reached the pre-set value. This pallet rotator is designed to handle loads up to 4,400 pounds in pallets that are roughly 48 by 48 inches. The pallet can be up to 64 inches tall and then we also have some models that are available with clamp openings as high as 84 inches to meet with your special needs and requirement.