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Selection of industrial stretch film

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Author : Stretch wrapper
Update time : 2021-08-24 23:39:14
As a consumable used with the wrapping machine, industrial stretch film needs to be carefully considered in the selection. It's disposable, and consumables often occupy important costs. Choosing a suitable industrial stretch film not only greatly improve the packaging but also make the process more stable and can reduce the cost of consumables. Next, we will show you how to choose machine-use stretch film.
industrial stretch film for pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine
As the name suggests, the machine-use stretch film will be used on the wrapping machine, and the weight is generally 15~20kg, so it is very inconvenient for manual wrapping. First of all, it's the length. If a roll of stretch film is too short, it will be used up quickly, and it needs to be replaced manually, which affects the continuous operation efficiency of the equipment, so industrial stretch film cannot be used like manual film roll which is only 5kg.

The second is the degree of stretching, and the wrapping machine is divided into resistance stretch and pre-stretch type. For the resistance-stretch type wrapping machine, the stretch film only needs to be able to reach 150% (1:1.5) stretch. The resistance-stretch type wrapping machine does not stretch the film too much, so it does not need such a large stretch quality. For the pre-stretch type wrapping machine, the pre-stretch ratio of the equipment needs to be considered, 250%, 350%. The larger the pre-stretch ratio, the higher the stretch requirement for the industrial stretch film. If a poor quality stretch film is placed on a device with a large pre-stretch ratio, it will easily cause the film to tear during the wrapping process.

The last thing is the thickness and transparency of the industrial stretch film, which mainly depends on the product and function. If you need to scan the code after wrapping, there are certain requirements for the transparency of the stretch film. If the goods are heavy and the stacking is not very neat, then a thicker, good stretchability industrial stretch film is required to ensure that the goods will not fall.

There are some other indicators for industrial stretch film. Here we mainly introduce some data about stretch film for customers to choose suitable industrial stretch film. In the next issue, we will introduce the parameters of industrial stretch film in detail. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention.