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The economy of the automatic PVC pipe packing line

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Author : Stretch wrapper
Update time : 2021-09-05 23:23:56
The traditional way of the PVC and other plastic pipe and tube production such as PP tubes require lots of work and especially the workload only to be carried by hands manually and requires a huge amount of labour. The each section of the production line is not integrated and proceeded automatically. A part of it's reason is the old structure and the technology in the past few years is not available to make a reliable and economical automatic PVC pipe and tube packaging line. As the new design innovated and new material especially the sensors and other electronic components became widely used, the fully automatic PVC pipe and tube packaging line is becoming a real and reliable equipment for today's plastic pipe manufacturers.

In view of the current status of the production process of PVC pipes, a fully automatic line pipe strapping machine is used to make the PVC pipes directly bagged and packaged before leaving the factory, realizing automatic packaging and bagging, saving the previous four manual processes (counting, strapping, bagging, and sealing) , Which greatly improves production efficiency, saves labor costs, and effectively avoids material waste, while reducing pollution, thereby improving economic benefits and production efficiency. One machine can replace three packaging workers, saving at least 150,000 labor costs per year. Based on 10 extrusion lines in each factory, you can save 30 employees. Assembling an automatic PVC pipe packaging machine can save about 1.5 million a year of labor cost.
PVC and PPR pipe and tube bundling and packing line
With the in-depth influence of the national "intelligent manufacturing" policy in the plastic pipe industry and the first advancement and popularization of the full automation of pipe production by relevant domestic large enterprises, facing the problems of difficulty in recruitment and increasing employment costs, it is expected that the packaging machines downstream of plastic pipes will enter into the spring of development in the next few years!