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Stretch film wrapping machine the new favorite of packaging machinery

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Author : Pallet wrapper
Update time : 2021-04-06 00:08:56
Simply put, the stretch film wrapping machine is a packaging equipment that quickly wraps a single or a group of goods in a way that we need through mechanical rotation and electrical automation control. The use of stretch film packaging machines can easily realize cargo containerized storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, which can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce packaging materials and labor costs, and have dust, moisture, leakage, and damage prevention. Loss prevention and other advantages, widely used in foreign trade exports, glass products, metal products, electronic appliances, clothing and textiles, auto parts, tire plastics, food, beverages, medicine, ceramics, paper, chemicals, building materials, refractory materials, chemical fibers, cables, etc. every industry.
Stretch film wrapping machines can be divided into the following series according to their functional characteristics:

1. Pallet wrapping machine:

It refers to the equipment that drives the pallet goods to rotate through the rotation of the turntable to achieve the wrapping and packaging of the goods. It is suitable for the goods that are loaded on pallets (such as container transportation for bulk goods and wrapping of bulk pallets, etc.).

2. Non-pallet stretch wrapping machine:

It refers to the equipment that drives the goods to rotate through the rotation of the undersized turntable, then having the equipment to wrap the goods. It is suitable for the stretch wrapping of single or multiple small-size goods which are in roll shape or packed in cartons and boxes..

3. Rotary arm stretch wrapping machine:

It refers to the equipment that can rotate around the goods through a rotatable arm/cantilever (installed on a suspension) to realize the wrapping of the goods. Its wrapping method of revolving around the goods is more suitable for wrapping products that are lighter and taller and unstable after stacking or overweight goods. The machine installation method is flexible, it can be installed on the wall or fixed with a bracket; and it can be connected to the conveyor line as required to meet the needs of assembly line operation.

4. Coil wrapping machine:

This refers to the equipment that wraps the ring part of the coil cargo through the film feeding (belt feeding) device that runs around a circular orbit. Used in tires, bearings, strip steel, strip copper, cables and other industries.

5. Roll wrapping machine:

It is suitable for the sealed packaging of various drum shape goods, and is used in papermaking, cord fabric, non-woven fabrics and other industries.

6. Luggage wrapping machine:

Specially designed for airport packing of luggage, etc. Play a protective role in the process of luggage transportation to prevent damage, replacement, etc.

7. Horizontal orbital wrapping machine:

It refers to the rotating movement of the goods moving at a constant horizontal speed through the rotating ring system. Used in industries such as plastic profiles, aluminum materials, plates, pipes, and dyed fabrics.