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What should we do when the PET strapping doesn't gain the good tension?

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Author : Strapper
Update time : 2021-05-24 00:18:16
PET plastic-steel strap is currently a widely used industrial product bundling packaging material. It has very high efficiency and safety for packaging products. Each production link of pet plastic-steel strapping will directly affect the quality of the strapping. There are often feedback from users of plastic-steel strapping.

How can there be a situation where the packaging is not firm and not tightened, what should we do? Here are reasons for not tightening the PET straps:
1. The specifications of the plastic-steel straps should be selected correctly. The quality of plastic-steel balers on the market is uneven, and the specifications are also varied. The specifications of the selected plastic-steel strapping straps exceed the load-bearing range, and the strapping straps will come out of loose binding or looseness.

2. Use high-quality plastic-steel packing straps. The quality of plastic-steel packing straps also has a great influence on whether the goods are bundled firmly. If the quality of the packing straps is not good enough, the straps of the same specification have low tension, poor toughness, high elongation, and easy brittleness. The packing is not firm or loose.

3. Choose a suitable packer. The common manual baler on the market has a tightening force of about 150 kg. For large or heavy goods, the tightening force of the manual baler limits the ultimate tensile strength of the strapping. Anti-loose situation. It is recommended to use pneumatic baler or electric baler for goods over 1 ton.

4. Check whether the packing machine is faulty. Regardless of whether you choose a manual baler, or a pneumatic baler and an electric baler, the baler has a tightening wheel and a stop slider that will wear out during use. After the tightening wheel and the stop slider are worn, the packing belt will be tight during the tightening process. There will be loose tightening or slipping, which is also one of the main reasons that the straps are not tightly tied. If this happens, it is recommended to replace the baler parts as soon as possible.
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