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What can we benefit from the stretch wrapping machine?

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Author : Pallet wrapper
Update time : 2022-06-08 22:59:08

Stretch wrapping machine is widely used to pack pallets, steel coils, bundles and other forms of products which will be stored and transported. Using a stretch wrapping machine can bring you benefits as below listed:

1. Anti-damage, anti-dust and anti-vapor protections to your goods:
The right stretch wrapping machine can wrap your goods tightly and nicely, avoid the damages from variant pollutants to ruin your goods.

2. Improving the safety in your workshop:

There is little interaction between the automatic stretch wrapping machine and the workers. Besides, the machine can make consistent package to the pallets, make it to be ready for the transportation with higher loadability.

3. Inventory control:

The automatic stretch wrapping machine uses PLC control system. With the customized program, it can also have connections with other machines in your production line, for example the scanning machine. All integrated control enable the machine to realize automatic wrapping, scanning and code printing and label pasting.....The whole operation is linked and do not need the manual intervention.


4. Save your time:

Compare with the manual wrapping methods, the stretch wrapping machine can save a lot of time. Especially the automatic stretch wrapping machine is really good to improve the speed of packaging and shorten your total production time.

5. Faster packaging:

The automatic stretch wrapping machine usually are equipped with PLC as the control elements. It can specific make the suitable control program to meet with your condition and make bigger bulk package instead of small packs which finished by a standard packaging machine. 

6. Efficient product packaging:

The automatic wrapping machine can make the consistent package for your products, it can greatly reduce the workload of manual wrapping. So, in large workshops where the quantity of goods is massive, the stretch wrapping machine is really inevitable to invest.

7. Increase your total productivity:

The automatic stretch wrapping machine is intelligent, saves you lots of time in actions like starting and stopping the machine. The machine has variant sensors to help it with the deduction of the goods and act in just the right time.

8. Save the consumption of film as well as the costs:

The typical feature of the stretch wrapping machine is the pre-stretch function. It can stretch the film from 1 meter to even 3 meters while keeping the good condition and good width. This can lead to a lower film consumption as a result, which is eventually result to a lower cost of the wrapping material.