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What's important to the online pallet stretch wrapping machine?

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Update time : 2021-08-07 21:21:05
Online pallet stretch wrapping machine is a practical turntable pallet packaging equipment, which is widely used in food, medicine, tissue, textile and other industries. By wrapping the goods, it can prevent moisture and dust, and can also avoid the dumping of the goods in transit and handling. It is generally docked at the end of the assembly line or packaging line. After the previous packing and palletizing, it can be docked to the stretch wrapping station to wrap the product. Next, we will take you to learn about this device, to know what's important for this kind of pallet wrapping machine.
online pallet stretch wrapping machine with out-feed conveyor
Online pallet stretch wrapping machines have high quality requirements for the load handling turntable. A poor-quality turntable not only generates excessive noise when rotating, but also has the danger of insufficient power during work, which may cause the cargo to collapse. Secondly, for online equipment, it needs to be connected to the front and back signal points, so the programmability of the equipment PLC must be ensured, and it can respond to the completion signal sent by the front-end palletizing and pallet baler. It also needs to ensure that it can communicate with the back-end AGV and make connections.

Online pallet stretch wrapping machines generally use thermal film breaking, that is, the film is broken by instantaneous heating of the heating wire. The advantage of this film breaking is that the cut is flat, and the tail of the film can be fixed on the goods without falling off by a film sweep broom. 

When purchasing an online Online pallet stretch wrapping machine, there are often a variety of styles to choose from, such as rotary arm type, cantilever type, orbital ring type, etc., according to different needs, each product has different applicable scenarios.