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Door thermal shrink wrap machine an equipment you should be interested

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Author : Shrink wrapper
Update time : 2021-03-30 23:57:35
Heat shrink packaging machine is also called thermal shrink wrap machine. Use PVC/POF/PE and other films to wrap the products so that the appearance of the product can be fully displayed. It is widely used in packaging, such as furniture, glass bottles, foam plastics, paper boxes, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits. Thermally packaged products will have a better appearance and appeal, and will be easier to display. In addition to being moisture-proof and dust-free, it can also prevent pollution and protect products from external shocks, especially for fragile products. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen.

Door thermal shrink wrap machine performs very good in therms of wrapping wooden door and panel, PVC and WPC door, mattress......These products are wide and thin objects and deserve a nice and transparent package to make it more likely to be sealed. Compare to the traditional stretch wrapping package, the shrink wrapped package is more neat and tight with very good transparency. Besides that, the door shrink wrap machine also has other benefits to the owners:

1. Automatic door shrink wrap machine has a speed of 6-7 doors per minute and can pack doors of various sizes and weights.
2. The door heat shrink packaging machine adopts three fans + heat preservation shrinkage, the shrinking effect is better, and the shrinking packaging speed is faster.
3. Adopts PID digital display temperature control, independent temperature control, heating temperature deviation ±1 degree, temperature control is more stable, heating to set temperature, automatic heat preservation hot air circulation, high efficiency and energy saving.
4. The 100mm thick thermal insulation layer has a good thermal insulation effect, which effectively reduces the loss of heat and saves electricity.
5. At the end of the shrinking tunnel, a cooling fan is used to cool the product to seal the shrinkage and protect the product with rapid prototyping.