90 Degree pallet changer machine FZ-PE

Highly customized pallet changer machine per customer desired function and specific needs. Used in various occassion, such as bulk bag/bulk carton of powder material. Also available to use for cargo easy to fall.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Bulk pallet, bulk bag, bulk carton, skid
  • Description
    A bulk cargo turner designed for the pallet changing and replacement. 90 degree turn over motion instead of 180 degree, reduce the risk of leakage. Customization allows customer to have your own required function.
    90 degree pallet changer-min
    90 degree turn over, single clamp to press the cargo with variant designs.
    Hydraulic system to provide sustainable and strong power to the machine turning motion. 
    A very good machine to work as a pallet retriever in cold chain company for removing freezer spacer. 
    Ergonomic design with lower operation height for more convenient pallet changing.
    Operation panel built on fence or electrical cabinet for user's convenience.
    Different design and structure including floor level based platform, turning body with side panels, V shape turning body....
    Hydraulic system providing power to the machine's function.
    Single clamp to press the cargo and keep the items stable during rotation.
    Mushroom button, for stopping the machine completely if emergency happens.
    Low noise, create a better work environment for workers.
    Machine able to function in low temperature environment.
    Safety guard covers the working area, prevent aliens entering in.
    hydraulic 90 degree pallet tipper and pallet changer
    customized pallet changer and pallet inverter for special needs
    90 degree pallet changer machine for exchanging pallets from wooden to plastic pallets
    Technical Parameter
    Pallet dimension 800*800mm-1200*1200mm (customization is provided)
    Clamping range 1600-2200mm (customization is provided)
    Max load  
    FZ-PE-01 1 ton
    FZ-PE-02 2 tons
    FZ-PE-03 3 tons
    Speed of clamping around 8seconds
    Speed of inverting around 40seconds
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 5.5kw
    Machine weight App 3000kg
    Overall size L3200mm  W2200mm  H3000mm
    Optional Accessories
    Forklift groove
    reserved when goods are loaded without pallet underneath
    for loading and unloading by pallet jack or pallet truck, for places have no forklift
    for fragile products, clamping stops automatically