Coil tilter with sliding V saddle FZ-CT-S

To better loaded and for safer operation, this coil tilter has a sliding V saddle which can give space to the C hook and coil clamp, avoid collision.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Steel coils, wire spool, aluminum rolls...
  • Description
    FZ-CT-S series inverters are coil tilters with sliding V saddle or skate table, such design is to match with coil cart and hoist with coil clamp......
    coil turnover machine work with coil car
    Usually steel coils are discharged from coil cart by hoist with coil clamp, direct load onto the upender needs a space for clamp release, so the sliding V saddle can minimize the gap afterwards.
    The V saddle can be driven by motor or manually pushed depending on customer's circumstances or requirement.
    90 degree upender, for coil related products.
    Sliding Vsaddle for minimizing the gap between steel coil and platform after loading.
    Surface is optional to cover with a layer of nylon boards for protect the products and reduce damages to the machine.
    Supportive rollers for bearing the heavy load, make the rotation safe and stable.
    Micrometric setting device make supportive rollers adjustable, ensure the machine runs smoothly.
    Oblique gear and worm speed reducer with chain mechanism for driven the machine efficiently.
    Speed is controlled by frequency inverter, easy to adjust and protect the motor.
    Electric and Mechanical displacement restrictors adopted to guarantee a safety operation.
    Position locking function allowing machine stop at any angle.
    Automatically position fixing when power off for safety operation.
    Individual electrical control panel away from the machine, more safe for users.
    Simple control mode, no need for training.
    Strong and durable structure, easy maintenance.
    Coil upender with sliding V saddle
    steel coil downender with movable platform benefit for loading and unloading
    motorized V saddle on the coil tipper machine for C hook loading
    Technical Parameter
    Degree of tilting 90°
    Max load  
    FZ-CT-05S 5tons
    FZ-CT-10S 10tons
    FZ-CT-20S 20tons
    Platform dimension upon product's dimension
    Turn over speed 40-70 sec/direction
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)
    Noise level ≤75DB
    Work environment humidity≤98%,temperature-10-40℃