Hydraulic roll turner machine FZ-HR

Designed for roll shape products such as jumbo roll, fabric roll and metal roll. Different structure by loading the rolls to tilt table using hands pushing, pallet jack or hoist and crane.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Paper jumbo rolls, fabric roll, metal rolls
  • Description
    This FZ-HR series turner machines are hydraulic type upenders used for turning jumbo rolls, metal rolls 90 degrees to change the roll position either vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical for customer ideal purpose......
    hydraulic upender table for jumbo roll-min
    The machine is driven by hydraulic cylinders, the pump station provides constant power and give the motion supply.
    High standard hydraulic parts decreased the possibility of leakage and reduce the amount of work needed for machine maintenance.
    Steady structure and design promise the machine's performance, safe with collision and extending the machine's worklife.
    90 degree up ending, hydraulic cylinder to drive the machine.
    V saddle / cutout is optional to build for roll related products such as paper jumbo roll, aluminum roll.....
    A gap is optional to be reserved on the platform for hoist loading with C hook, avoiding collision.
    Hydraulic pump drive, hydraulic ram push rolls for tilting.
    Hydraulic valves for adjusting the oil flow, controlling the speed.
    Displacement restrictors adopted to guarantee a safety operation.
    Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion.
    Easy operation and simple maintenance.
    Simple control mode, no need for training.
    Strong and durable structure, less maintenance.
    hydraulic jumbo roll upender machine
    paper roll flipping machine turning rolls and reels
    hydraulic roll and reel tipper machine
    Technical Parameter
    Degree of tilting 90°
    Max load  
    FZ-HR-01 1 tons
    FZ-HR-02 2 tons
    FZ-HR-03 3tons
    Platform dimension upon product's dimension
    Turn over speed 30-60 sec/direction
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)