Pipe Bundling and Strapping Machine EM-AL3000

EM-AL3000 is a set of efficient, convenient and safe wrapping machinery for pipe bundle making and strapping with film packaging.
EM-AL3000 is an automatic online type pipe bundling and strapping packing equipment. 
Including pipe counting, feeding, storage, aligning, bundling, strapping with film for bundle, conveying outing and etc...
pipe bundling packing machine
PLC & HMI control program for automatic operation.
All conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for plastic pipe industrial using.
Parameters be set on the control program in English.
PLC & HMI control program for automatic operation.
Accumulation and array the pipes automatically.
With pipe auto aligning device for keeping the orderly tip.
Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing.
Number of pipe per bundle can be changeable per requirement.
Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.
Bundle weighing system can be as an option on machine.
Automatic strapping with stretch film for stringing pipes.
Strapping position can be reset.
Strapping with film for 2 or 3 places per bundle.
Strapping belt tension is adjustable per requirement.
One unit stretch film wrapping machine for two/ three places strapping.
pipe bundling and strapping packing machine
bundling and strapping with film machine
pipe bundles stacking device
Technical Parameter
Pipe Diameter Φ16mm-Φ60mm
Pipe No. 10-50 pcs per bundle
Pipe length 1.5 - 6 meters 
Bundle OD 300mm per bundle
Conveying speed 20m/min
Strapping material Stretch film
Film Roll Size Width:90mm    OD:100-180mm   ID:50mm
Strap position  Two or three straps
Packing speed 40-50 sec per bundle
Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)
Power App. 3.5Kw
Air Supply 6bar
Optional Accessories
Bundles Stacking Frame
Finished packing bundles one by one to stacking into a frame, the frame can be as an option for you.