Steel Coil Wrapping Machine EM-SA1000

EM-SA1000 Master coil wrapping machine, can be two or three layers wrapping materials can be packing at the same time, with two blocker roller station for orbital wrapping of steel coil, to make the package dust proof, well protected and decorated.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Steel coil, Wire coil, Core
  • Description
    EM-SA1000 Master coil wrapping machine mainly special designed for big size steel coil/copper coil/wire coil wrapping packing, the coil width can be upto 2000mm.
    master packing machine for big steel coil
    Machine with two blocker roller station for orbital wrapping of steel coil, to make the package dustproof, well protected and decorated.
    Adopted design of the system & modules, with detail analysis of each module. 
    Two or Three layers wrapping materials can be packing at the same time, you can choose different packing material per your needs. All the system can be without any manual operations, to achieve all full-auto type machine.
    Simens PLC program operation.
    Two or three shuttles cross the ID of coil packing.
    Wrapping machine automatic right and left positioning for packaging.
    Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing.
    The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to requirement.
    Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & corrected parameter of coiled metal.
    Height of the turning ring could be adjusted for center positioning according different OD by motor.
    Wrapping position reset function.
    Sensors for trolley positioning.
    Special brake for the tape release device to avoid material folding.
    Different packing materials can be choosing for wrapping.
    big size metal roll packing machine
    metal coil packing machine
    steel metal coil packing machine
    Technical Parameter
    Coil weight 3000kg
    Coil width 500-2000mm
    Coil OD 800-1100mm
    Coil ID 508mm / 610mm
    Roller Speed 2-4m/min
    Shuttle speed 2-3m/sec
    Compound paper  Width:250mm,OD:250mm    ID:76mm
    LLDPE/PE/PVC film Width:250mm    OD:100-250mm   ID:76mm
    Hydraulic supply 140bar
    Overlap rate 20%~90%
    Packing speed 60-90 sec/pcs
    Power App. 15Kw
    Power supply 380V,50Hz/3ph
    Air supply 6~8kgf/cm2
    Optional Accessories
    Plastic tape winding fastening device
    Tape surface printable brand and logo
    Cutting&Feeding Film
    Automatically cut off the tape and affix the label.