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By Orbital stretch wrap machine | 15 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Stretch wrap machine for EPS sandwich panel packing

EPS sandwich panel is a popular material for construction and buildings
Sandwich panel is a commonly used technique of construction which has been developed over the last 50 years and is considered as the top choice for temporary constructions and buildings. Before that, the sandwich panels were considered as a suitable products which only used for functiional constructions and industrial buildings. By the time, people found their very good characteristics such as insulation of sound and heat, versatility, high quality and appealing visual appearance, these characteristics has resulted to the fast growth and widespread of the use of sandwich panels in a huge variety of buildings......
EPS Sandwich panel wrapped by orbital stretch wrap machine into bundles
The EPS sandwich panel is the best and most common products among the sandwich panel industry because of the cheap price and high insulation and low weight.........The consumption and production of the EPS sandwich panel every year is hugh and numerous, so a better and faster packing machine to pack this products has become crucial.

Emanpack has large size horizontal orbital stretch wrap machine, has a big rotating ring which can be capable for large EPS sandwich panel bundle to go through, the height of sandwich panel even could exceed 2 meters. The EPS sandwich panels are stretch wrapped by plastic stretch film made by PE or LLDPE and PVC. The wrapped products are much better for resisting the pollution and damages in the constuction field, such as rain, dust, stain..... It could be place in the outside for months before using.

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