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By Stretch wrapper of China | 29 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Why intelligent machinery is crucial to today's businesses?

Talking about today's business, you will think it's very complicated to manage and keep profits. Yes, modern world has given us too much benefits but also gave us a lot of challenges. You may find there are many services provided by professionals, but you will also find it's hard to keep good employees. You may feel there are new ways of getting more customers, but you may also feel the innovation is getting fast and you are difficult to catch up.
So, how can we as one in the fierce competition to survive? 
My answer could be investing in new intelligent machineries. Because these machines are smarter and more powerful. It can increase your capacity but reduce the number of workers that is needed. 

Take the pallet wrapping machine as an example:
intelligent pallet stretch wrapping line
If we still wrap our goods manually, the efficiency could be very low. Becasue it's a boring and heavy work, no workers would like to take the duty. But, with a semi-auto pallet wrapper, the job could be much easier and faster. One semi-auto pallet wrapper could equal to 4-5 workers, and it uses less material than manual wrapping because the PE stretch film is pre-stretched. That's why the wrapped pallets are more tight and nice.
What if we improve this semi-auto pallet wrapper to a smart pallet stretch wrapping line? Well, not just the speed and effiiciency got improved, but also changed the way we manage our plant. There is no worker needed for the operation of this automatic packing line. It's totally labor free. 
Think about the money you pay for employee's salary, it's a huge amount of costs which even doesn't include their annual bonus, insurance......
Manually wrapping the pallet also could hurt their back as they need to bend frequently during the practice of wrapping. This could bring you more medical bills and the vacation they need when they call for sick. But with a fully automatic pallet wrapping and packing line, there would be no such problem at the first place.

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