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How to choose the most fit conveyor for your shrink wrapping machine?

The different conveyors each have their special characteristics, this may includes the strengths and weakness. How can we choose the right one to work with the shrink wrapping machine for the best match with the products and highest quality of packaging.

Net-conveyor belt:
The stainless steel mesh belt conveyor structure usually choosen for the shrink wrapping packaging of small products. It is one of the generalized heat shrink packaging machine structure configurations. For example the paper boxes, stationery, daily necessities, small accessories, etc., generally they can be packaged with very good results. Workers only need to randomly placed products with irregular shapes on the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor, generally do not affect the shrink packaging effect.
Net-conveyor belt on shrink wrapping machine
But, this structure is generally not suitable for products that are too heavy; the stainless steel mesh conducts heat quickly and tends to leave some net patterns on the contact surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt structure for high-quality products and handicrafts that require relatively high effects.

Chain-conveyor belt:
The chain conveyor belt is the special structure which mainly used for heat shrink wrapping packaging of heavy and large items. In terms of the cylindrical items, the distance between every two rollers can be used perfectly to support the product, because it can make the product roll with the running of the steel rods. The shrink film will be heated more evenly, and the shrinkage effect will be perfect.
Chain-conveyor belt of shrink wrapping packaging machine
The shrinked product placed flat on the chain conveyor belt can also be used. Along with the rolling movement of the steel rods, it is pushed forward, which reduces the phenomenon of imprints on the contacted surface of the steel rods. The overall shrinkage effect is flat and smooth.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt:
The high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt conveyor structure is mainly applied for shrink wrapping packaging of these products that require high shrinkage effects without allowing lines and marks on the contacted surface. This conveyor structure is particular suitable for small products that without scalding the film. It is the best heat shrinkable mesh belt on the market at the moment.

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