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Introduction of roller conveyor lines and systems

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Author : pallet inverter
Update time : 2021-06-05 20:54:41
Power roller conveyor line
The motorized roller conveyor line is a very common conveying equipment, which can be used as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with some automated packaging equipment to make the whole line conveyorized and to support the automation upgrade, such as balers, stretch wrapping machines, heat shrink wrapping machines, and so on.

Generally, when it is used with various packaging equipment, the manufacturer will perform unified control, so that the entire line will run smoothly. But for those users who bought the conveyor line separately, they can't pay attention to some common problems very well. Below, Emanpack will share with you the common problems of the power roller line based on past experience.

1. The range of frequency conversion speed regulation. General roller conveyer line customers will require frequency conversion speed regulation. The so-called speed regulation is the speed adjustment. Many users will mistakenly think that how fast can be adjusted, but if it is not the case, the speed adjustment also has a range, depending on the maximum speed you choose. The speed range is also different. Generally, the normal speed of the conveyor line is 15 meters per minute, and the speed range is generally adjustable from 5 to 15 meters.

2. The denser the roller, the greater the load-bearing capacity. In general, the denser the rollers of the same specification, the greater the load-bearing capacity. But generally manufacturers will determine the best roller spacing according to the size and weight of the user's product, so as to choose the matching roller diameter and shaft diameter. This will achieve the highest cost performance. It is not a simple encryption roller.

3. Stainless steel drum is not the most ideal choice. Many users prefer to use stainless steel rollers, and feel that stainless steel rollers will be stronger and have better load-bearing effects. In terms of load-bearing alone, they actually have the same effect, but the surface of the carbon steel roller is embossed, which will have better friction when conveying items, while the stainless steel roller does not have this function.

To sum up, when purchasing a power roller conveyor line, don't make judgments based on personal subjective assumptions. It is better to communicate with the manufacturer to ensure that you can buy the most cost-effective products. Because the best solution for you is what built based on your needs and match with your products and existing equipments......should from the Stereotypes or personal ideas.
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