Bale shrink wrapper & back packing machine
In many industries, the package is more intended to be bulk. Bale wrapping is a way that pack many pcs into one package. For products such as MDF boards, EPS panels, ICF and XPS panels, few layers are stacked before packing. 
This machine uses form to create a bag for the products. The package is sealed at the back side, which is also the bottom. One heat sealing blade seals the ends of the package, and has no limitation on the product's length. Before into the heat shrink tunnel, the bag is formed and sealed. The shrinked package is much tight and tidy, no leakage or any defects. For products such as busbar, it's better to have cardboard cover the sharp angles.
The wrapped products are more eligible for selling because they are stunning and well protected. No worries for dusty and damp conditions which might damage your products during storing.