Pallet stretch wrapping machine
Pallet is the most common container for large massive produced products during warehousing and transporting of logistic. There are wooden and plastic or even metal such as steel pallets. Goods are stacked on the pallet and usually with a very tall height which generally 1.5-2.5 meters. A wrapped pallet is much safer than a pallet without stretch wrapping, because the goods become less easy to fall or scatter during transportation or placed in a warehouse. 
The pallet usually wrapped by stretch film, material can be PVC, HDPE or LLDPE which is very similar to the plastic wrap that we daily used for food wrapping. A pallet wrapper can be more efficient than a skilled worker, it also saves a lot material as the film is pre-stretched. The 250% pre-stretch ratio means 1m film will be stretched to 2.5m. This function reduces a huge amount of plastic wrap consumption, it generates a great profit for the long term use. Also, the pre-stretched package is much tighter and neater than a manually wrapped pallet. Due to the material factor, the plastic wrap shrinks after been stretched. This makes the pallet become tight and keeps the goods in very good function.
One big benefit of the pallet wrapper is that it can make the workers away from the back injuries, because they no longer need to bend themselves and this avoid them from backache.