Turntable pallet shrink wrapping machine
Turntable pallet stretch wrappers are the most common stretch wrapper we can see in the market. As semi-automatic pallet wrapper, they are both useful and economical. Small quantity of pallets need to be wrapped everyday, but too much work if by hand wrapping. This can be a dilemma a lot of customers will face when they want to do an investment of pallet wrapping machine. 
This turntable series give solutions to these customers as the price is lower in comparison and capacity quite enough to handle their work. Besides these factors, there are still other benefits. 1. No need for big equipments, only need to use a forklift. Adding a ramp, you even can just work with a pallet jack if no forklift. 2. Lower dead weight and forklift notch, machine can be removed easily, very flexible. 3. Different options and functions to add, specifically care to your needs. For instance, weighing scales, top film dispenser..... Get your pallet wrapped in your ideal way.