Roll stretch wrapping machine
It's unforgettable for most people in the west, that the chaos of buying toilet paper happened in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.
As in today's world, napkin and toilet paper as well as kitchen towel are becoming a non-exclusive part of our daily life. And the jumbo rolls are the resource for producing tissue and toilet paper. It's undoubtful that after this pandemic, more and more companies choose to start this business in most of the world. Most of them will be small factories without too many large facilites.
The roll stretch wrapping machine is just a practical mahine for these factories. It's further designed based on our turntable pallet wrapper, the machine has great capacity to support most large heavy jumbo rolls. Two supportive rollers will rotate the jumbo roll during wrapping, make the roll fully wrapped by plastic wrap. The packed products are waterproof and dustproof, available for long distance transportation and long time storage.
This machine is also a good machine for packing melt-blown nonwovens and other fabrics.