Undersized cylindrical stretch wrapper TP-JP50

This undersized cylindrical stretch wrapping machine is a good solution for packaging narrow cylindrical, round shape products and objects such as paper jumbo rolls, reels of pipe and cables by stretch wrapping.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    This undersized cylindrical stretch wrapping machine is designed specifically to wrap small rolls and reels which can not be accomplished on the big jumbo roll wrapping machine. It fills the gap in the market, give alternatives for users to choose.
    undersized jumbo roll stretch wrapper-min
    It's designed based on the non pallet wrapping machine, an economical packaging solution for small jumbo rolls.
    Special clamping mechanism with rollers to fix the rolls during the wrapping process.
    Cylindrical stretch wrapping by rotation on both the turntable and the supportive rollers.
    Control panel built in the mast.
    Easy to make setting on control panel, one button to start wrapping automatically.
    PLC control system, famous brands are adopted.
    Automatic height sensoring, detecting the top of goods without any manual assistance.
    Pre-stretch function, tighten the package and use less packing material.
    Supportive rollers powered by electric engine, drive up the rolls to rotate.
    Speed of turntable and film carriage are controlled by inverters, prevent potential risks for engines and extend the worklife of machine.
    Reserved forklift notch, easy for relocation.
    Optional to add the top pressing mechanism for fixing the rolls.
    heavy duty supportive rollers on jumbo roll wrapping machine-min
    small paper roll wrapper-min
    small jumbo roll wrapping machine-min
    Technical Parameter
    Turntable Diameter 800mm
    Roll diameter 200-800mm (customization available)
    Roll width 200-500mm
    Mast height 1800mm  (available to customize)
    Turntable height 700mm
    Max load 300kg
    Film roll dimension ID( paper core): 76mm, OD: max 280mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 15kg
    Pre-stretch ratio 250%/300%
    Speed of turntable 0-30rmp
    Operation mode one-button start
    Power supply 220V,1/3Ph, 50/60Hz( 110V, 380V.... available to customize)
    Output 0.8kw
    Packing dimension L1450mm*W800mm*H1800mm
    Gross weight 300kg
    Optional Accessories
    Top press roller
    for fixing thin and light rolls during wrapping
    Weighing scale
    for weighing the goods more conveniently
    for information label printing