Online pallet shrink wrapper with top film dispenser TP-ZX200-FD

Online pallet shrink wrapper to fully wrap a pallet with top covered by a layer of PE film, high performance and high automation
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    TP-ZX200-FD online pallet stretch wrapping machine with top sheets dispenser, conveyorized turntable pallet shrink wrapper. Connected with your production line, photoelectricity detects the incoming of goods and gives signal to PLC system. 
    conveyorized turntable pallet wrapper with top sheet dispenser
    Top sheets dispenser covers the pallet with a piece of film or sheet, when film carriage arrives at the top.
    The wrapped pallets are waterpproof and dustproof, escaping damages if products are placed and stored outside.
    This machine has been widely used for cement, flour, MDF boards and beverage production and packaging.
    Pre-stretched film makes package tighter, wrapped goods are less likely to fall, scatter or slant.
    Control panel built in the mast.
    HMI for setting, auto start and manual operation are both available.
    Sensor detects when pallet is inplace, giving signal to PLC.
    PLC control system, famous brands are adopted.
    Automatic height sensoring, detecting the top of goods without any manual assistance.
    Pre-stretch function, tighten the package while saving more packing material.
    Adjustable tension control, available to use different packing material.
    Overlapping rate adjustable, top and bottom reinforced wrapping settable on touchscreen.
    Initial position automatic return after wrapping.
    Conveyorized turntable, able to connect with customer's line.
    Turntable height depends on customer's requirement.
    Speed of turntable and film carriage are controlled by inverters, prevent potential risks for engines and extend the worklife of machine.
    Scissor type film cutter, clamping and cutting the film automatically.
    Top film dispenser, apply film or sheet to the top.
    Tail of film swept by a broom/brush, sticks neat to the package.
    online pallet stretch wrapping machine with top film dispenser
    conveyorized pallet wrapper with top film dispenser
    film dispenser apply film and sheet to cover the top of pallet for fully wrapping
    Technical Parameter
    Turntable Diameter 2000mm, (2200mm available to customize)
    Wrapping height 2000mm, (2400mm, 2800mm, 3200 available to customize)
    Max load 2000kg,(3000kg available to customize)
    Film roll dimension ID( paper core): 76mm, OD: max 300mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 15kg
    Pre-stretch ratio 250%/300%
    Speed of turntable 0-12rmp
    Packing speed 20-30 pallets/hour
    Operation mode auto start
    Max pallet dimension upon customer requirement
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)
    Compressed air supply 3-8kgf/cm²
    Output 3.5kw
    Packing dimension L2620mm*W2220mm*H1200mm+L2800mm*W500mm*H2300mm
    Gross weight app 1550kg
    Optional Accessories
    Top press platen
    for fixing tall and lift goods during wrapping
    Weighing scale
    for weighing the goods more conveniently
    Reinforcing cord
    to accumulate the film to a string/rope to strengthen the package
    Conveyor belt, roller conveyor, chain conveyor and chain board conveyor are optional to choose