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4 benefits of using stretch wrap

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Update time : 2021-06-10 00:12:51

Stretch film
also known as stretch wrap, is a kind of film packaging material with PE as the main raw material. It can be pulled manually or used with automatic stretch wrap machine. The following are the four advantages of stretch film packaging summarized by Emanpack according to the use of customers:

Saving packaging cost:
Using stretch film to package products can effectively reduce the packaging cost, using stretch film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of the heat shrinkable film, and about 50% of the carton packaging. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the packaging efficiency and packaging grade.
hand stretch wrap

Good protection performance:
Stretch film forms a very light and protective appearance around the product, so as to achieve the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, water and anti-theft. The most important thing is the wrapping film packaging, which can make the packaging materials bear uniform force and avoid the damage caused by uneven force, which is unmatched by the traditional packaging methods (strapping, packing belt, tape, etc.).

Good fixation:
The stretch wrap has super tightness and shrinkage, can compact and fix the product into a unit, so that the scattered small pieces become a whole, even in the adverse environment, the product is not loose and separated, and there is no sharp edge and viscosity, so as to avoid damage.

Nice packaging exterior:
With the help of the retraction force of the stretch wrap after stretching, the products are wound and packaged to form a compact and space free unit, so that the pallets of the products are tightly wrapped together, which can make the hard products cling to each other and make the soft products compact. Especially in the paper industry and textile industry, it has a unique packaging effect.
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