PE shrink wrap

Shrinkable PE film, single layer, folding film and bucket film are available to customized. Great transparency and high shrinkage, high performance for shrink packing.
Suitable material for door shrink wrapping machine, sleeve shrink wrapper and bale backpack shrink packing machines. Commonly used for shrink wrapping beverage, bottled mineral water, wooden doors and panels.
Shrinkable PE folding film
High transparency make your products nicely packed and better for selling.
High shrinkage, easier for shrinking. Reduce energy costs and avoid damage to products.
Allowed for customization, different width and thickness are available to set.
Different types film for specific usage, such as folding film and bucket film.
Shrinkable plastic wrap made of PE material.
High transparency, suitable to wrap grocery and other demanding products.
Easy to be shrinked, less electricity consumption and less damages caused by high temperature.
Safe material, nonpoisonous and suitable to use in food industry.
High density, not easy to be torn or scratched.
Recycleable plastic, environmentally friendly.
pe plastic shrink wrap
pe folding film
shrinkable pe film
Technical Parameter
Material PE
Type Shrink Film
Usage Shrink wrapping
Feature Puncture resistance,Moisture Proof
Processing Type Blow molding
Transparency Transparent
Shrinkage rate 60%-75%
Width 300mm-3000mm
Rolling type Single layer, center folded, bucket type
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