LLDPE stretch film

LLDPE stretch film is also called stretch wrap or plastic wrap in the market. The material is LLDPE which belongs to PE.  Industrial wrapping standard able to resist high ratio pre-stretch.
A perfect high performance film. It has all good properties of others film, It can nearly help you solve all packaging difficulties.
plastic wrap for stretch wrapping
Excellent low shrink temperature property. It can shrink exceptionally with quick shrink good seal strength and up to 350% pre-stretch rate. 
The most suitable material for pallet shrink wrapping and orbital stretch wrapping machine.

Industrial standard available for both wrapping machine use and hand wrapping use.
Strong tear resistance.
Superior seal strength.
Low shrink force function and good hot slip property.
High pre-stretch ratio up to more than 350%.
Appliable to food, electronic, drugs, beverage, stationery, household products, printing, cosmetic etc.;
Different sizes allowed to be customized.
Minimum order quantity is required.
high quality plastic wrap unable to tear
colorful PE stretch wrap
pre-stretch wrap film
Technical Parameter
ID 50mm/76mm....(Inner diameter of paper core)
OD Max 450mm ( Outer diameter)
Width  500mm/100mm/150mm/200mm/250mm/.....
Thickness 25-30microns/ 15-20microns
Lenght 500m per roll- 1500m per roll
Weight 2.5kg-15kg 
Charge unit Kg
Different color
according to your requirement