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Orbital stretch wrap palletized loads while pallet is on forklift

In our daily production activities, pallets are used as a tool for carrying goods, and their use probability is very high. As the most commonly used pallet packaging equipment, the pallet stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of affordable price and high work efficiency, and is favored by more and more users. After years of development and improvement, the functions of the pallet stretch wrapper are also increasing. For example, some pallet wrappers have the function of top film applying, and some have conveyors, which can realize the integrated management of the feeding, stretch wrapping and discharging of goods without manual assistance or manual monitoring.

However, all pallet stretch wrapping machine wrap the goods in the horizontal direction, and cannot wrap the goods in the vertical direction, so as to realize the integrated bundling of the goods and the pallets together, so that the loading of the goods and the pallets is more firm.

The horizontal wrapping machine is a device that can wrap the goods in the vertical direction. It is suitable for long products such as aluminum profiles, bars, steel rods, pipes, lumber, and door panels. It is not suitable for short objects such as pallets. Horizontal wrapping machine also have a number of limitations regarding the size of the objects to be packaged. In some specific industries and for some specific products, the external dimensions are too large and the weight is too heavy, it is impossible to wrap them well with ordinary horizontal wrapping machines. And our semi-automatic horizontal pallet wrapping machine is designed to solve this packaging problem.
Orbital stretch wrap palletized loads while pallet is on forklift
This orbital stretch wrap machine has an oversized rotating ring body that can hold larger objects and wrap them nicely. Its most special feature is that the products can be on pallets, carried and feed into the wrapping machine by forklift. The machine uses a 500mm wide wrapping film to wrap the goods vertically, and the wrapping station can move laterally in the horizontal direction, so as to pack the pallets as a whole.

In addition, the machine is equipped with an automatic film breaking device, which can automatically cut off the stretch film at the end of the wrapping. The upgraded equipment can sense the packaging objects through the photoelectric switch, automatic positioning and automatically complete the wrapping of the goods.
Orbital stretch wrap palletized loads while pallet is on forklift
The stretch wrapped goods is secured on pallets, improved its loadability and given a tight and good looking package for the sales in market. The use of this orbital stretch wrap machine reduced lots of unnecessary works which may happen when using other wrapping methods.

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