Horizontal orbital pallet stretch wrapper HM-S1400

Horizontal type orbital stretch wrapper for wrapping pallet loaded goods directly on forklift. Large rotating ring for different pallet dimensions. Wooden pallet will be wrapped together with the goods.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Pallet loads
  • Description
    HM-S1400 is a special orbital stretch wrapping equipment designed for wrapping pallet loaded goods with forklift loading. The machine is large in size to match with pallet dimensions.
    pallet wrapper work with forklift
    Large diameter of the rotating ring for high speed wrapping. The wrapping station is pushed by forklift driver during stretch wrapping. It's optional to upgrade this motion to automatic motor driven.
    For specific demand and needs, programmable PLC could be added and adopt photoelectricity, automatic sensoring when goods approaches and machine automatic start and stop for wrapping.
    Auotmatic material cutter driven by pneumatic cylinder for cutting and clamping stretch film after wrapping and load wrapping material for next turn.
    Large rotating ring for different pallet dimensions.
    Big stretch film roll with wide width to improve the wrapping efficiency.
    Optional to upgrade to motor driven motion for automated solution.
    Mushroom button, to stop the machine when emergency happens.
    Adjustable ring rotation speed through frequency inverter.
    Stretch film tension could be adjusted to make tighter package.
    Film spool is workable for different packing materials.
    Automatic start and stop as well as automatic film cutter are available to add for fully automatic operation.
    Fully automatic solution allows the machine to operated by only one forklift driver.
    pallet loads wrapped by horizontal orbital wrapper-min
    horizontal orbital pallet stretch wrapper
    horizontal pallet stretch wrapping machine-min
    Technical Parameter
    Pallet size L1000mm*W800mm/L1000mm*W1000mm
    ( other dimensions are available to customize)
    Max height 500mm ( available to customize for higher height)
    Film roll dimension  
    ID 76mm
    OD max 350mm
    Width 300-500mm
    Stretch film thickness 20-35 microns
    Speed of ring rotation 30-40rmp
    Overlapping rate 15-90%
    Operation mode semi-automatic operation
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 1.25Kw
    Motor driven solution
    wrapping station moved and powered by motor
    PLC program
    for automatic wrapping start and stop
    Film cutter
    for cutting and clamping wrapping material when wrapping process is finished, automatic material loading for next turn