Six sides orbital stretch wrap machine HM-BD2000

Six sides orbital stretch wrap machine for packing products from both horizontal and vertical directions, to fully wrap the goods with automatic wooden blocks inserting. Good for packing gypsum boards.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Gypsum boards, MDF boards, EPS sandwich panels
  • Description
    A fully automatic orbital wrap machine to stretch wrap bundles from both vertical and horizontal directions on one machine. A turnkey solution for packing gypsum boards and other products with fully sealed packages. Automatic insert wooden blocks under the bundle, greatly improve the capacity of packaging.
    A turnkey packing solution for products such as gypsum boards, MDF boards, polymer coated steel sheet...
    Super large turning ring for packing big sized bundles of boards and products.
    Conveyorized turntable customized for rotating large bundles, stretch wrapping both on vertical and horizontal directions.
    High tension for stretch wrapping, fully sealed package is about to against damages such as dust and vapor.
    Complex wrapping procedures, motion controlled by PLC program.
    HMI for better and more convenient operation.
    Conveyor speed control and regulated by frequency inverters.
    Automatic photocell electricity for detecting the products, automatic program running.
    Chain conveyors are choosed as the best conveying parts to match with the products.
    Film carriage is available to change positions for different wrapping directions.
    Large film spool with wide material width for improving the packing efficiency.
    Automatic timber feeding unit is optional to add, to insert wooden blocks under the bundle before wrapping.
    six sides orbital wrapping machine
    full sides horizontal bale wrapping machine
    bale packing machine of six sides orbital wrapper
    Technical Parameter
    Ring diameter 2400mm, 2800mm(depends on the bundle dimensions)
    Bundle size L: 1500-3000mm, W: 800-1500mm, H: 1000-1500mm ( customized according to product's sizes)
    Max load 3000kg (available to customize and improve)
    Film roll dimension  
    ID( paper core) 76mm, OD: max 250mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 10kg
    Speed of turning ring 20-40rmp
    Packing speed 40-70 sec/package
    Operation mode one-button start
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 480V/570V.... available to customize)
    Compressed air supply 3-8kgf/cm²
    Output 5.5kw
    Packing dimension Per final design
    Optional Accessories
    Timber feeding unit
    for inserting wooden blocks under the bundles before wrapping
    Combined conveying system
    for better transferring products efficiently 
    Weighing scale
    for weighing the goods more conveniently