180 degree pallet inverter FZ-PT

Known as pallet flipper or pallet flipping machine, turnover pallet 180 degree for pallet changing. Also a good help for changing the damaged products.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Pallet cargo, skid, frozen food, Sugar....
  • Description
    As a warehousing and pallet handling equipment, FZ-PT is designed for a high standard pallet inverter.
    pallet inverter and pallet flipper for pallet changing
    Dual clamp centralize the pallet from top and bottom simultaneously, side panel keeps the goods safe from falling dowing during turnover.
    The centralized pallet is more balanced, less vibration and shaking. Improving the inverting capacity and extending the worklife of the machine. 
    Remote control convenient  for operation, one forklift driver is enough to do the work.
    Both operation panel and remote control for user's convenience.
    Hydraulic system providing power to the machine's function.
    Dual clamp reduce the time for clamping and keep the pallet more balanced.
    Mushroom button, for stopping the machine completely if emergency happens.
    Low noise, create a better work environment for workers.
    Machine able to function in low temperature environment.
    Safety guard covers the working area, prevent aliens entering in.
    control panel of the pallet inverter machine
    dual clamp 180 degree pallet rotator
    hydraulic power system of the pallet tipper and pallet changer machine
    Technical Parameter
    Pallet dimension 800*800mm-1200*1200mm (customization is provided)
    Clamping range 1600-2200mm (customization is provided)
    Max load  
    FZ-PT-01 1 ton
    FZ-PT-02 2 tons
    FZ-PT-03 3 tons
    Speed of clamping around 8 seconds
    Speed of inverting around 40 seconds
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 5.5kw
    Machine weight App 3000kg
    Overall size L3200mm  W2200mm  H3000mm
    Optional Accessories
    Forklift groove
    reserved when goods are loaded without pallet underneath
    for loading and unloading by pallet jack or pallet truck, for places have no forklift
    for fragile products, clamping stops automatically