Aluminum profile bundle wrapping machine HM-APM

The machine is specially used for automatically wrapping stretch film/ HDPE film/ composite paper to bundles of aluminum profile and extrusion. It can prevent the bundles to be loose, has a function of protecting, save packing cost, reduce the labor inten
  • Customized machine applicable for: Aluminum profile, steel studs, PVC profile, steel tubes, pipes
  • Description
    This equipment is suitable for the packaging of aluminum profiles, plastic steel profiles, stainless steel profiles, stainless steel studs and aluminum-plastic panel profiles. It is packaged in a winding method.
    aluminum profile bundle wrapping and packaging machine-01
    Main motor drives the large turntable and the package to move in a circular motion. The feeding motor is driven by the turbine reducer to the rubber pressing wheel, and the profile is conveyed through the center of the ring for rotation, thereby realizing online winding and packaging.
    Designed by professional aluminum profile manufacturer and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, low noise, strong and uniform packaging, and simple operation.
    The packaging machine uses two AC motors. Two different transmission methods are used respectively, which can adjust the spacing of the packaging paper and control the packaging quality within a certain range.
    It not only improves productivity and saves costs, but also makes the packaged products beautifully decorated and protected.
    A new type of packaging machine specially designed for the metallurgical industry, which plays a good role in protecting the profile from rust, corrosion and dust.
    It is widely used for the outer packaging of rectangular objects such as aluminum profiles, pipes, building materials, steel pipes, and aluminum spacers.
    The use of profile wrapping packaging machine can greatly improve work efficiency, save working time, reduce product packaging costs, and improve the best choice of product quality.
    Two frequency control on packing speed and distance earlier operation way enable a better efficiency.
    The active motor drives the large ring and conveyor to move in a circular motion, which is driven by the feeder (cycloid needle stepless speed regulation) to the rubber pressing wheel through a turbine reducer.
    The profile is conveyed through the center of the turntable circle for linear motion, thus realizing winding packaging.
    A novel winding packaging machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by our team for the metallurgical industry.
    Environmentally-friendly packaging materials such as composite packaging paper tape, composite braided tape, and stretch film can be used.
    It plays a good role in protecting steel pipes from rust, corrosion and dust. It is widely used in the winding and packaging of all long products such as stainless steel tubes, seamless steel tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, copper tubes, aluminum tubes, plastic tubes, bars, flat materials, profiles, cylinders, etc.

    Accepts feet pedal function to stop or start machine. it's easy to control machine work for workers.

    aluminum profile bundle wrapping and packaging machine-04-min
    aluminum profile bundle wrapping and packaging machine-02-min
    aluminum profile bundle wrapping and packaging machine-03-min
    Technical Parameter
    Applicable size 250x250mm(W*H) ( available to customize)
    Material roll <200x250mm(w*diameter)
    Length unlimited 
    Max load 300kg (available to customize) 
    Profile feeding speed 4 -20m/min
    Rotating speed 97/149rpm
    Speed ratio WP46.5   1=1:10   m=3
    Operation mode Manual /automatic 
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz ( available to customize)
    Output 1.5kw
    Packing dimension 1580X1100X1270mm
    Gross weight app 660kg
    Optional Accessories
    Roller conveyor 
    for integration with the production line
    Upgrade to automatic working mode
    for automatic feeding and wrapping...