Pallet side strapping machine KZ-PS-S

The fully automatic pallet strapping machine for inline pallet packaging by PP/PET belt. Strapping the pallet and skid cargo and seals at the side of the cargo. Movable strapping head is designed to achieve tighter strapping performance.
High performance of fully automatic pallet side strapping machine. It can be integrated into conveyor line. Strapping head is side mounted on the arch  and movable. During the strapping cycle, the strapping head indexes towards the load before tensioning sequence, so tensioning and sealing are done right against the side of the load.
pallet side strapping machine-03-min
Automatic PP/PET belt strapping with the hot-adhering position at the side of the pallets.
The bottom section of the strapping arch can be a standard undertrack style, or an electric motor driven pallet bayonet for "through-pallet" strapping,or a combination of both.
Simple, safe and user-friendly operation, automatic strap end detection.
Strap tension adjustable from soft to high, electronic heater temperature control.
Automatic unmanned strapping machine is mainly suitable for strapping and packing of pallets and skids loaded cargo...
The machine is movement of mobile when's mobile distance is 250mm to 400mm.
Fully automatic arrow-piercing baler is designed for the pallet heavy package. The movable belt of the open bow frame can bundle the pallet with the ground firmly with the package for easy movement and transportation.
Advanced lubricant free structure helps users to maintain and maintain very convenient.
It can be used as a stand-alone machine or can be equipped with a conveyor line for packaging.
Automatic / manual / continuous packing, multiple options, high practicality.
Widely used in light industry, food, chemical, foreign trade, printing, medicine, commerce, postal, banking, electrical appliances, daily necessities, book publishing and other industries.
High work efficiency, time saving and power saving, high packaging quality, low failure rate, long life, no noise, no smoke and does not affect the health of operators.
pallet side strapping machine-min
pallet side strapping machine-04-min
Pallet PP belt side strapping machine-min
Technical Parameter
Working height 400mm(Available to customize)
Strapping speed 2.5 seconds/strap
Max load Upon customer requirement
Strap belt reel dimension  
ID 200-210mm
OD 400-500mm
Width 160-180mm
Arch Upon customer requirement
Operation mode Automatic
Strap belt type PP/PET belt
Strap belt dimension Width:9-15(±1)mm, thickness: 0.55-1.0(±0.1)mm
Strap tension 15-80kg
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz  1.2kw
Machine overall size  L4150mm* W660mm* H2573mm
Gross weight 550kg
Optional Accessories
Roller conveyor
for inline automatic strapping with in-feeding and out-feeding system