Carton sealer KZ-CTS

It is suitable for packing and sealing of products in various industries such as household appliances, textile, food, daily provisions, medicine, light industry, chemical industry and so on.
The machine can be used separately or in packing line. lt is economic and fast, easy adjustment. And finished the sealing both top and bottom in same time. The cutter is made by quenching. the cutter edge is sharp which makes it has long service life and Higher wear resistance.Also the blade guard make sure the safety of operator applicable for various types of cartons.
carton sealer for sealing and cutting cartons and boxes-min
This equipment line or stand-alone operation, the cover manually folded up , upper and lower sides together with the intermediate sealing tape, once completed.
Precision fit with another solid performance, smooth operation, long life and good stability.
Standard equipment specifications, according to the need for equipment to widen, heightening custom.
The use of advanced technology manufacturing, durable structure.
Manually adjust the width and height. After the box enters, it will start automatically.
Can be used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with automatic packaging lines. It is suitable for cartons in the assembly line.
The automation is strong and the four conveyor belts drive up and down.
Using international advanced technology and imported components, electrical components and pneumatic components.
Manually adjust the size of the carton, suitable for carton sealing of the same size at the same time.
Easy to operate, easy to use, easy to adjust, fast sealing, high efficiency.
Equipped with blade guard to avoid accidental puncture during operation.
Lightweight, precise and durable performance, no vibration during operation, stable operation for long time, high efficiency.
Applicable to product packaging in various industries such as household appliances, textiles, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, light industry, chemical industry, and carton sealing.
carton sealer for sealing and cutting cartons and boxes-01-min
carton sealer for sealing and cutting cartons and boxes-02-min
carton sealer for sealing and cutting cartons and cardboard box-min
Technical Parameter
Applicable carton size  (L)150~No Limited x (W)150~500 x (H)120~500mm
Conveying Speed 20m/min
Max load 50kg
Width of tape 36mm,48mm,50mm,60mm....
Tape type One side adhesive BOPP tape
Sealing type  Top and bottom central line sealing 
Drive belt Top&Bottom drive belt/ Side drive belt
Operation mode One-button start
Power supply 220V,1/3Ph, 50/60Hz( 110V, 380V.... available to customize)
Output 240W
Packing dimension (L)1020 mm ×(W)850 mm ×(H)1350 mm
Gross weight 130Kg
Optional Accessories
Edge sealing 
for sealing the edges of cartons and boxes automatically at one time.
Lid folding 
to fold the lids by the machine before sealing, reduce work load for the workers and improve the packing speed.