Chain type conveyor

Chain conveyor excels to transfer products that is heavy and not applicable to roller conveyor. Which includes bulk cargo on pallets, packaging bags and other single goods, suit for foods, electrics, chemistry, printing industry and so on industries.
The chain type conveyor is suitable for long conveying cases, it's capable to deliver heavy objects with uneven bottom which is not applicable to roller conveyor. The chain conveyor often integrate with roller conveyor for the transfer and direction of the cargo forwarding.
chain conveyor for pallet packer
Chain tension is adjusted quickly and easily without removing any guards.
There are double stranded and triple stranded versions, with or without cover plate.
High quality material and components are used to have the long service life, reduce the possibility of problems.
Economic and practical structure, cost-effective conveying equipment.
Modular combination, easy to transport.
Reliable operation, low noise and safety.
Leg height of the chain conveyor is adjustable, wide application scope.
Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance.
Transmission speed is adjustable.
Heavy load capacity, suitable for goods with uneven bottom.
Beautiful light weight design, fast installation.
Great to combine with roller conveyor for transferring the cargo and change the forwarding direction.
Available to integrate with different machinery including pallet packer, orbital wrapper.
chain conveyor-03
chain conveyor-04
chain conveyor-05
Technical Parameter
Width 1000mm/1200mm/1500mm........ customized
Length 3000mm/6000mm.......customized
Loading height 400mm/800mm.....customized
Max load  2000kg
Conveying speed 1-15m/min
Speed control by speed regulator or frequency converter
Applicable machine pallet stretch wrapping machine, horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine
Working mode automatic / button control
Output 0.75Kw.......