EPS panel bundle wrapping and sealing machine SW-EPS

This machine is adopted to replace the sleeve shrink wrapping machine for packing large bundles of EPS panels and rockwool insulation sheets and phenolic foam boards.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    This is a packaging machine which could be an alternative for the sleeve sealing shrink wrapping machine. The machine is about to wrap the big bundle of EPS panels and seal the package without the heat shrinking process. No damage to the EPS panels and reduce the consumption of electricity.
    EPS panel bundle packing machine-02-min
    It is used to pack EPS Block product. It is fast packing and saves film.
    It is full automatic, controlled by PLC and touch screen.
    It is protected by fences and raster, to insure safety.
    Equipped with malfunction warning system, easy to notice when error occur and do troubleshooting.
    Automatic control system powered by PLC and the customized automatic control system.
    HMI for setting, continuous motion and one button to start packaging automatically.
    Thermal heat welding blade for sealing the plastic film effectively without burning.
    Pneumatic cylinder driven the pusher to press the bundle of EPS panels tight before sealing.
    Automatic in-feeding by motorized roller conveyor or conveyor belt, to integrate with the production line.
    Frequently-used specification can be recorded and easy to load.
    It is full automatic, controlled by PLC, Save labor and working strength..
    Wide packing width and height, suitable for various bundles of multi pieces of panel and boards.
    Nicely sealed package, not easy to tear or crack and open.
    This machine is suitable for various material, both shrinkable or unshrinkable film are optional to choose.
    EPS panel bundle packing machine-05-min
    EPS panel bundle packing machine-04-min
    EPS panel bundle packing machine-03-min
    Technical Parameter
    Suitable length 1200mm (available to customize)
    Suitable width 800mm (available to customize)
    Suitable height 600mm (available to customize)
    Max load 300kg
    Film roll OD: 450mm, Width: 1000mm
    Film thickness 50-100micron (suggested)
    Operation mode Fully automatic
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz (available to customize)
    Compressed air supply 6-8kgf/cm²
    Output 4.5kw
    Overall size 4000mm*2000mm*2500mm
    Gross weight app 800kg
    Optional Accessories
    Conveyor system
    Motorized roller table or conveyor belt for in-feeding and out-feeding