Full sides coil and roll wrapping machine EM-FCR300

Special designed coil wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping structure with full sides wrapping from the coil external. Suitable for packaging coils, rolls and reels with very small inner diameter.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Hose coil, cable coils, rolls and reel
  • Description
    This coil wrapping machine does not need to wrap through the eye of the coils and rolls. The rotating ring is large enough to allow the whole load to get in and it wraps the products from the external sides. Three taper roller to support the load and rotate for making the whole package fully wrapped.
    full sides wrapped hose coils
    Coil wrapping from the outside with fully wrapped package and nice sealing.
     Less limitation for the product dimension, one machine is applicable to variant products.
    Specially for packaging coils, rolls and reels with no eye or small inner diameter.
    In-feeding & out-feeding necessary to proceed by hands manually.
    Adopt PLC for automatic machine control and efficient operation.
    All machine details displayed in English.
    Top press roller to fix the products during wrapping.
    20%-90% overlap can be adjustable.
    With indicator alarms automatically occurs system.
    External wrapping without going through the eye of coils.
    Wrapping tension is adjustable according to requirements.
    Taper rollers supporting the coils and rolls, self rotation to make the full side wrapped.
    Ring speed and roller speed can be adjustable by convertor.
    Available to have special design for making holes at the center of packaging.
    horizontal coil and roll wrapping machine with all sides
    hose and cable coil fully wrapped from outside
    hose coil wrapping with a hole on package
    Technical Parameter
    Coil Weight 1~50kg
    Coil Width 80-300mm
    Coil ID unlimited
    Coil OD 300-800mm
    OD-ID NA
    Packing material:  
    Stretch film  Width: 80-100mm,OD: 200mm    ID:75mm
    Ring speed  80 rpm
    Overlap rate 20%~90%
    Packing speed 50-80 sec/pcs
    Power App 1.5Kw
    Power supply 380V,50Hz/3ph
    Air supply 4~6kgf/cm2