Automatic inline pallet inverter machine FZ-PO

The pass through type inline pallet inverter machine, an automatic pallet turning and changing line with a drum shape turn body and large chamber to contain large and heavy cargo on pallet and skid.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Pallet cargo, skid, paper pile
  • Description
    Consisted of roller conveyors and drum shape turn body, the FZ-PO is a conveyorized pallet turning and changing machinery to connect with customer's assembling/production line or packing line. A turnkey solution for pallet changing and removal.
    inline pallet inverter pallet changing line-min
    180 degree turn over, top press platen to press the cargo inside the chamber.
    Pass through structure for efficient pallet conveying and line flow. 
    Roller conveyors built on the chamber for relay transmission. 
    Fully automatic procedure and control system, reduce members needed.
    PLC control with automatic sensoring and operation program to achieve the high performance.
    Drum shape turn body with large chamber for efficient cargo pass through.
    Automatic conveying system deal with the cargo transferring, turn over......
    Machine's turn over motion driven by electrical motor with chain and sprocket.
    Top press platen to press the cargo keeping the items stable during rotation.
    Mushroom button, for stopping the machine completely if emergency happens.
    Low noise, create a better work environment for workers.
    Machine able to function in low temperature environment.
    Safety guard covers the working area, prevent aliens entering in.
    online pallet inverter pallet changing line
    conveyorized pallet changer for online pallet flipping and changing
    O shape round body of the inline pallet changer exchanging pallets automatically
    Technical Parameter
    Pallet dimension Width 800mm*Height 1500mm / Width 1500mm*Height 800mm (customization is provided)
    Clamping range 1200-1500mm (customization is provided)
    Max load  
    FZ-PO-01 1 ton
    FZ-PO-02 2 tons
    FZ-PO-03 3 tons
    Speed of clamping around 5 seconds
    Speed of inverting around 45 seconds
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 3.5kw
    Machine weight App 5000kg