Pallet heat shrink wrapping machine SW-P100

The large heat tunnel customized for shrinking big pallets wrapped by shrinkable plastic film.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    A customized packing solution for big and heavy pallet loads, large shrink tunnel to allow big pallets to go through. Automatic conveying system of chain conveyor to bear the heavy weights........
    Shrink tunnel shrink wrapping pallets
    Large heat shrink tunnel with enough space of the chamber.
    Chain conveyor for bearing the heavy loads of the pallets.
    Reinforced insulation for reducing more heat loss and save more energy. 

    User friendly operation panel for the workers to better understand the control system.
    Precise temperature control by temperature compensation system.
    Heavy duty and high quality components rugged construction provides continuous operation with minimal maintenance.
    Recirculation heating system consumes less electricity by minimizing heat loss.
    Cooling device can cool down the products rapidly after the shrinking process.
    High standard motors used to resist the high temperature of the environment. 
    Air circulation inside the tunnel, distributing heat to every corner.
    The pallets need to be wrapped by shrinkable film manually prior to the shrinking process.
    large shrink tunnel for pallet shrink packaging
    heat shrink oven with big chamber and great space
    big shrink tunnel wrapping pallets
    Technical Parameter
    Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase (440V/480V are available)
    Pallet size Depending on customer's requirement
    Packing capacity Depending on the pallet size and film thickness
    Power consumption 50kw
    Heat tunnel conveyor chain type conveyor
    Max load 2000kg
    Machine weight App 4000kg