Horizontal flow shrink wrapping machine for food and grocery SW-F01

Also known as pillow packing machine, suitable for packing food and groceries such as shampoo. Fast line speed, adaptable to various industries. Wrap the products and shrink the package afterward.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    It's a suitable machine for products such as instant noodles, milk tea, cupped food, frozen foods, cosmetic products, battery........
    cosmetic products packing machine
    The fully automatic heat oven developed based on advanced Japanese technology, widely used material in the market. The machine will pack the products with shrinkable film, shrinked by heat oven to achieve a better appearance.
    The shrinked products are more beautiful and neat than the unpacked ones. High efficiency, scientific structure, reliable running, low noise and easy maintenance.......are super features we see on this machine.
    HMI for setting re-adjusting and data input.
    Conveyor will deliver the wrapped products to the heat oven, smooth speed and delivery will provide the most suitable temperature and time for shrinking.
    The speed regulating device is easy to adjust and no settled level.
    Thermoelectrical controller is reliable in temperature indication and effectivly control the temperature in setted range.
    Rotating heat blade for sealing the ends of package.
    Rollers of conveyor are made of silicion coated rods, able to resist high temperature.
    Special sealer is used, the sealing is secure and not easy to open. No sticking to the sealer due to Teflon coating. 
    Strong wind cooling system, cool down the products instantly after heat shrinking.
    flow shrink wrapping machine with great efficiency
    upper and lower belts to hold and transfer the bag formed goods
    tight wrapped package of boxes, bottles after shrinking
    Technical Parameter
    Sealing type heat sealing blade
    Power supply 220V/50Hz/1phase, 380V/50Hz/3phase
    Product size L 100-450mm  W40-190mm  H35-75mm
    Conveyor system straight conveyor
    Packing capacity 30-150 packs/minute
    Film type single layer POF film
    Film width max.590 mm
    Power consumption 16.5kw
    Heat tunnel conveyor chains with silicon coated rods
    Sealing system Durable“U”shape alloyed sealing knife and saw teeth cutting knife with anti-stick Teflon coats
    Operation panel Touch screen, PLC
    Machine material carbon steel
    Weight 800kg